Hello world!

When starting a new blog, it is customary to post a “Hello world!” message, but technically, this is not my first.
Here’s the story….

I renewed my domain name earlier in the year but didn’t realise that the hosting package wasn’t renewed at the same time. It became aparent when I tried to update my original blog and found that none of my web pages were reachable. My email was still working because that is tied to the domain name package.

My original package was taken out with Supanames who were bought by 123-Reg a few years ago and who have supported it as a legacy package. So I contacted them and asked if they could reinstate my package ‘as it was’ but, alas, no. I had to buy their current package which cost more than the legacy package for the same features.

Now, when I log into my Legacy ‘Domain’ package (the one I did renew) I can administer the various email accounts and see that my web page files are occupying some of the space but I can’t access them, either by FTP or directly through the panel. The new hosting package control panel has no email accounts setup but the webspace is accessable so I asked them if they could move the files from the legacy space to the new space. Once again, “No” was the answer, I would have to “use my local backups that were originally uploaded to the webspace”. This is fine for the web pages but my WordPress blog was created and stored within the webspace and all content was within a databse, also stored on the webspace. You see my dilemma?

So anyway, after looking at all the alternative CMS tools, I’ve decided to start a new WordPress blog, mainly because I’ve used it before and it seems the best fit for beginners. I’ll just have to put up with my email being on the legacy package, not that it’s a problem, its just not all in one place.

So what am I going to do with this new blog?
Well I was thinking of incorporating my old web pages into it so there would be some actual content instead of the infrequent drivel I would post in the early hours of the morning when the TV got boring or the gin hadn’t quite put me to sleep. Also, I recently bought a Raspberry Pi so I will document what I am doing with it.
The Raspberry Pi has given me that same excited feeling I had as a 13-year-old when I got my 48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum. I am going to bring it out of retirement and document what I am doing with that as well. There seems to be a thriving Spectrum community on the internet and it is 30 years old this year so general interest has gone up.

There, first post done.

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